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  • The Witcher cheap ESO gold 3: Wild HuntIt is quite possible the best game of the New Year could be the role playing gem, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Players take on the role of Geralt of Rivia, the game hero. His story continues in Wild Hunt where he is a bit older, but still prepared to do battle with monsters and other creatures. The game is said to be 20 percent larger than Skyrim and takes in the neighborhood of 100 hours to finish the main story and other side quests.

    E3 2012, which kicks off Monday, will mark the 11th time I've attended the yearly show, and while it's easy to gripe about the crowds and the long days and the force field like walls of nerd stink inside the sprawling Los Angeles Convention Centre, it's an amazing and unparalleled opportunity to talk to people who make games, and to share up close, hands on impressions of their work.

    I'm not hooked on Battlefront, as I have been in the past with the likes of Fallout, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but so far I'm enjoying the multiplayer battles and survival missions. I'm a nervous Call of Duty player. I'm no different in Battlefront and run for my life every time Darth Vader drops into one of my games with his deadly red lightsaber.

    Stereotypical image of a child with an IC is unflattering.'(Gleason and Kalpidou, 2014) Popular culture and older studies/research on imaginary companions (IC)have often given the subject bad press. Suggesting that IC tend to be created by damaged children as a coping mechanism for traumatic experiences or poor social skills. They are often considered a sign of a child having a mental disorder and needing special help. However more recent and reliable research thatconcerns about children's creation of an imaginary companion as a way to compensate for poor or nonexistent friendships should be put to rest.' (Gleason, 2004, 209) Instead IC should be viewed in a positive light for they actually have many benefits to them. 'IC provides the child with greater opportunities to practise representing what others are potentially thinking. The product will be interactive and allow children to use it at home and in school as a collaborative team building exercise in the classroom. This will be a product that is beneficial for children as it is primarily an outlet for children creativity and a way for children to connect and make friendships in an engaging manner. It will teach children that their imagination is a strength and not a weakness that should be feared. Secondarily it will also be a tool for improving language skills, social skills and richer narrative skills, skills that imaginary companions have been proved to help develop. In general it would also be a good ice breaker in classroom and a conversation starting point for children embarking on the daunting prospect of making friends in school.


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