Corsets Incorporated Into Indian Bridal Wear

  • With the influence of the west, Indian Face Slimming brides have been drawn to incorporating corsets into their Indian bridal wear. The designer Vikram Phadnis stated in an interview in April 2014 that Indian bridal wear has become bolder with strong silhouettes being incorporated into the wedding attire. Indian brides these days team the sexy corset with dupattas.

    Corsets have several benefits when it comes to wedding outfits. Firstly their popularity comes from their incredibly effective way of giving every woman, whatever her shape, a curvy and seductive silhouette. Secondly this item of clothing can be particularly comfortable providing the correct corset is chosen for the woman. Combining a corset and a lehenga looks exceptionally fabulous, however if the corset looks too striking as Indian bridal wear then Indian veils with zari can help to give a more understated appearance.

    One of the greatest benefits of a corset is the confidence Latex Waist Wrainer it instills. A confident bride is the epitome of beauty.

    Another fantastic benefit of a corset is that it can be worn before the wedding for creating that highly prized hourglass figure for the perfect waist to show out from a bridal saree. Corsets are wonderful for helping a woman to lose weight by restricting the intake of food as well as training the waist.

    It is important to know that waist-training corsets do not change the shape of the woman's figure but help to enhance the body's natural contours.

    Alternatively if corsets do not interest you but you still want a bold and beautiful silhouette then Anita Dongre's lehengas are perfect for you. Being an incredibly versatile designer she creates sensuous, elegant garments made of silk and in sophisticated colours, like blues or reds and then transform them into exquisite robes by covering them in resplendent detailing. The lehengas have fitted upper sections creating flattering shapes.